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Written by Danielle McLauren.

Greetings from the Green Room of Tales From the Blue Room; the place where you gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and processes of this dark comedy gem. Or actually just find out about the vulgar jokes and hilarious mishaps that take place in that mysterious, forbidden place, known as...the rehearsal room.

Firstly, a little about the play and the journey on which it has come. The play is written by award-winning writer, Pat Anderson, who has written extensively for screen, radio and stage. Having taught at writing groups herself, where she loved the freedom and lack of restrictions on what the women could write, she felt compelled to pen a piece about the laughter and the tears of a group of women that meet each week. Inspired by these weekly groups, Tales From the Blue Room is set in a run-down community centre; a hub for local women to gather, natter, stretch, drink tea, eat cake, paint, write, draw, sniff oils to relax them, and breathe! As seven women gather in the creative writing class, taught by the tragedy-stricken Rose, little do they know the journey they will all take. Each has a tale to tell and each finds some healing in penning those tales. But can Rose find healing too?

Now, introducing our characters, each with their own stories that unfold throughout the play...

Rose (Sue Cormack) – A woman with a tragedy of her own, reluctantly coaxed into teaching creative writing classes at the centre for women.

Jean (Jane Dickens) – The manager of the centre, and the driving force behind Rose stepping back into teaching.

Winnie (Barbara Green) – An ex-nun with a secret or two to tell and a knack for knitting.

Anne (Cath Rice)– Crippled with arthritis, with a harrowing past and a wicked sense of humour!

Veronica (Elisa Cowley)– Sticking out like a sore thumb, this well-dressed solicitor doesn’t quite fit in.

Claire (Lucy Fiori) – You think it; she says it. She loves animals, but isn’t too keen on people – to begin with, anyway.

Moira (Danielle McLauren) – Desperate to be a mum. That’s pretty much her main goal in life!

These characters are brought to life under the direction of critically acclaimed director, Paul Goetzee.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be giving you a glimpse into the rehearsal process, whetting your appetite for the performance itself. So, keep checking in to find out what really happens when you put a man and eight women into a room for two weeks. But be warned, it might get messy. 

To find out more about the show click here!
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