Read up for a round-up of the wonderful reviews for Ad Infinitum's No Kids from its run at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.

Catch it at Unity from Thu 24 to Fri 25 January 2019.   
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This spring we've got some amazing shows (that will make brilliant Christmas presents...) to tempt your theatrical tastebuds and help you experience the best in UK theatre.

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Mary Pearson is an internationally recognised perfomer whose unique blend of devised physical theatre and comedy drama has been wowing audiences across the UK.

Making a solo

I've been making solo work since 2012. I always have a fantastic time performing solo, but I can't say that I enjoy every moment of making a solo.

Things I love:

It is easy to get consensus on new ideas.

I can follow my own timing - 'tinker' with the show, a few hours here and there, rehearse on trains and while I am trying to sleep.

I can follow my own (illogical) logic, until I get to my point, (which is often not very pointy at all).

Solo work does not have to be made alone. Where funding is involved, it's a great way to invite other artists to collaborate with me. I've had some amazing collaborations as part of my solo work. Can't wait for you to see the 'selfie' film I made with Anne Sophie Malmberg!

Things I hate:

When no one is in the rehearsal room with me, what's to stop me from lying on the floor?  Thankfully, lying on the floor is a very important part of the creative process.

When no one is in the dressing room after the show, who do I talk to about how it went? Mirror, mirror, on the wall. To the bar!  


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Mary Pearson was put on this earth for good reason*.  We caught up with her for a chat about this and her new show 'The Sand Dog Cometh' at Unity Theatre on Wed 14 Oct...
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Sophie Osbourne is the writer and performer of 'Kissing Frogs'.  She is an alumini of Italia Conti Drama School, where she won a commendation in the BBC's Carlton Hobbs competition.  As well as her extensive work in theatre, Sophie has also appeared in 'Emmerdale', 'Dalziel & Pascoe'  and can shortly be seen in forthcoming feature  'Rhumblerama' (90/10 Productions).  Sophie brings  'Kissing Frogs'  - her laugh out loud funny one woman show about looking for love  - to Unity Theatre on Fri 9 to Sat 10th October.  Click here to book now!
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We caught up with Robert Farquhar, writer and director of the upcoming and final performances of comedy hit, The Art Of Falling Apart. Find out the idea behind the show and what Robert's best moments with the show have been.

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We caught up with the immensely talented and utterly hilarious Bec Hill ahead of her preview show right here at unity. Check out what her approach is to her work, what and who her influences are and what her proudest moment as a comedian and a performer is...  

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Unity's Marketing Manager Sam Freeman talks about some of the comedy programmed as part of Unity's summer season!
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Our summer season is now on sale with loads of amazing new shows including the acclaimed Every Brilliant Thing, Physical Fest, Big Wow's The Art Of Falling Apart, Caz 'n' Britney's Mis Les and our Edinburgh Comedy previews! 
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This September and October there's loads of great comedy at Unity and around the city. Here's the seven shows I'm really looking forward to (it started as 3, then went to 5, now 7, there's loads on)!
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