Unity's Marketing Manager Sam Freeman talks about some of the comedy programmed as part of Unity's summer season!
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Was the concept of being a stand up as a career something that was a gradual realisation or did you have a moment of clarity and inspiration? A gradual thing I think. I had been to art college and been in bands and struggling to find my feet in a creative career. A friend suggested stand up and i had a go and it seemed to gain more momentum than other creative ventures. I’m still getting away with it. I just want to live a creative life and avoid a proper job
How did this show come together? Do you write desk-bound or work up ideas improvised at gigs alongside your stronger material that can support it? Yes a mixture of desk bound toil and then working on that on stage in more organic way. Then those ideas go back to the desk and are worked again. So it’s a cycle for me.
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We've had loads of reviews and previews over the last month or so and wanted to share a few of them with you! Enjoy!
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