We caught up with performer, writer and director Wendy Houstoun about her forthcoming show Pact With Pointlessness which comes to the 2015 edition of internationally renowned Physical Fest. Get an inside view and account of the process of creating the show and the inspirations behind it...!

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Q – Is this the first Tmesis show you’ve not performed in?

Yes, I made a short duet for Homotopia last year that I directed- but this is the first full-length Tmesis touring show that I’ve not performed in. I’m really excited to be able to direct and see the whole thing from the outside for the first time. I’ve got an amazing team around me as well as a great creative partnership with writer, Chris Fittock who will be there throughout rehearsals.
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We've been speaking to some of the brilliant performers coming up for this year's PhysicalFest! Have a read!

Daphnis Kokkinos - 5 Quick Questions

Daphnis will be performing his first solo work Addio Addio Amore on Saturday 25th May at Unity Theatre. A piece in which he reveals his experiences, anecdotes, exchanges and dreams he shared with the late Pina Bausch. 
What's the best piece of theatre you've ever seen? 
The Birds by Aristophanes from Art Theatre, Athens.
What do you do on your days off? 
Searching for movements, searching for music, walking in the forest, reading a book. If I have a free day!

What's your most treasured possession? 
My work with Pina.

Who do you most admire?
Pina Bausch, Pina's work, my colleagues, my parents. 

What's your favourite holiday destination? 
Crete, Greece.
Click HERE to book your ticket to Addio Addio Amore! 

Mary Pearson - 5 reasons to see Failure

Mary Pearson is bringing her fantastic one woman show Failure (and other opportunities for non-linear success) to Physical Fest this year on Friday 31st May.
1. Terms you won't need to use whilst talking about FAILURE after the show:
'interpretive dance' , 'performance poetry' , 'thespian', 'FAILURE on Ice', 'bloodletting'
2. One of the props was bought in a Hunting & Fishing Superstore in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 
This item can and will not be used to injure anyone (or for bloodletting).
3. Ask Google, Yahoo Answers! Cosmo and Whatever 'for Dummies' compiled to offer you the MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE YOU WILL EVER HEAR.
4. I do not attempt a British or Scouse accent.
5. Win a FREE trip to Tenerife! 
Just follow these easy instructions: 
Book your ticket to see FAILURE at Physical Fest
Come to the Unity Theatre on 31st May, 2013 for 8pm start
Watch and Enjoy
Spread the word 
Click here for more info!

Jamie Wood - Interview

The world premiere of Jamie Wood's hilarious new show Beating McEnroe will be closing this year's festival on Saturday 1st June.
Jamie will also be teaching our Clown workshop on Thursday 30th May. We spoke to him about why Clown appeals to him, about his show, and a few questions about himself:
"I just got back from studying clown in Italy. It made me think about my upcoming performance in Liverpool and my teaching. I met the idea of clown back in Hope Street in 1997 with a man called Gerry Flanagan, I remember being curious about how close pain and laughter seemed to be. Clown for me is elusive and different for everybody but I think fundamentally it's an ability to share with people who you are, including all your glorious imperfections, so the space created to explore this world has to feel safe. The laughter comes from this honesty and the shared recognition of our humanity in any specific moment between performer and audience and can simultaneously be sad and joyous.
As I've worked on Beating McEnroe there have been lots of times I was sure it wasn't funny anymore but then when in front of an audience people laugh a lot. The show is constantly exciting for me to perform because it is always different and has plenty of space in it for spontaneity and play for both the audience and myself. I love how the show invites the hidden performers in people to emerge and play."
What's the best piece of theatre you've ever seen? 
Crazy anarchic Russian stuff

What do you do on your days off?
Beat myself up about all the stuff I should be doing

What's your most treasured possession? 
My heart

Who do you most admire? 
Ken Campbell today

What's your favourite holiday destination?
Click here to book tickets to Beating McEnroe. 
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Tmesis Theatre's 10th annual international festival of physical theatre with workshops, film and the world's best new physical shows. To celebrate the 10th anniversary Unity is hosting an exhibition of images alongside original prints from resident artist, Gill Smith. Each night there will be food available before and after festival shows. You can also join us in the new Festival Club, with live DJ, dancing and drinks in Unity's bar.
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To celebrate the end of the brilliant Physical Fest, which for the last two weeks has been wowing audiences with some of the world's most exciting, innovative physical theatre, we're running a 3 day sale to say thank you to everyone who came and invite you all to see our next big physical theatre show Wolf Red. More...
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