An Opening Season

Friday, 03 July 2015 00:00 | Posted by 
Matthew LinleyUnity Theatre's new Artistic Director Matthew Linley on his first season at Unity

Putting together an opening season as a new artistic director is something of a daunting experience.

Doing that in a city like Liverpool is simultaneously exhilarating and scary. More than once I’ve stood on the stage of Unity One and felt like an imposter. Thank God for pen and paper!  Anyone who knows me will know I’m a sucker for notebooks which I consistently fill with scribbles, lines, diagrams and spidergrams.

One such scribble , from very early on in my time at Unity, I’ve kept going back to; adding and amending. In essence its (eight) simple ideas which I hope you’ll find embedded within (our just announced) Autumn programme.

It’s about:
  • Building on the legacy of the last 30 years.
  • Mixing fresh, edgy independent and physical theatre...
  • with modern, radical new writing...
  • in a programme which supports new talent,
  • explores the possibilities of the digital age
  • and which champions the work for under 12s.
  • It needs to be a programme delivered through partnership and collaboration
  • and which ensures our work and productions have a local, national and even international reach.
But perhaps the most important thing – the acid test if you like – is that for both artists and audiences Unity is, and continues to be, a place to dream.

Matthew Linley

Matthew is unitytheatre's Artistic Director and CEO. Previously General Manager of Eastern Angles and Director of Phoenix Arts in Leicester, he is a Director of Windswept Productions, The Hub Lab and Phrased and Confused CIC and an experienced independent producer. Follow him at @matthewlinley!