The Handless Project

By Aleasha Chaunté

Join artist Aleasha Chaunté and two collaborators - Vicci Riley and Joanne Tremarco - as they travel around the city from 5pm on Friday 19th May until 2am on Sunday 21st May, incorporating silent walks, song, celebration, and a ‘sleepover’ at Unity Theatre.

Along the way The Handless Project will be visiting places around Liverpool that are of importance to people living in the city, marking them with small rituals - singing songs, telling stories or leaving temporary markers.

The Handless Project: Journey, is inspired by the fairy tale ‘The Handless Maiden’ - an enigmatic tale about a girl whose father cuts off her hands to save himself from a bad deal. In the story, the maiden travels looking for a place to finally recover. This event imagines her journey as a public ritual performance.

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Prologue: Vigilia

Friday 19 May, 11pm
Liverpool Cathedral
Part of Light Night 2017

Liverpool Cathedral
5pm – 11pm Bedtime Stories installation in Chapter House
5pm – 5.45pm Handwashing ritual in the Lady Chapel.
6pm – 6.30pm Meditative procession through the main church space.
6:30pm - 11pm Installation and performed meditation on preparation and rest.

Booking information: Prologue Vigilia is FREE. No ticket booking required.



Chapter 1: Night

Friday 19 May, 11pm – Saturday 20 May, 7am
Liverpool Cathedral, St James GardensSquash Nutrition

11pm - 4am Sleep at Liverpool Cathedral in preparation for a 24 hour walk the following day.*
4am – 6am Walk with The Handless Project to St James’ Gardens, where we will “Sing up the sun”. See the sunrise over Liverpool, accompanied by an improvised vocal performance led by Steve Boyland. If you are not staying overnight at Liverpool Cathedral, meet at St James’ Garden 4.30am. We will then walk to Squash Nutrition for breakfast.
6am – 7am Share breakfast with us at Squash Nutrition’s brand new building.**

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Booking information: *Limited tickets to participate in the sleepover at Unity Theatre available. Tickets: £15 contribution, includes breakfast. Hot drinks and bedtime biscuits will be provided at the sleepover. Participants are advised to eat a meal before arrival, and to bring sleeping bags, a pillow or other bedding for the night. **If you are not taking part in the sleepover at Unity Theatre, there will be a £5 contribution for breakfast at Squash Nutrition

Going South


Chapter 2: Going South

Saturday 20 May, 7am – 1pm
Meet at Squash Nutrition before 7am, Calderstones Park between 12 and 1pm.

7am – 12pm Walk with The Handless Project through the streets and green spaces of South Liverpool.
12pm – 1pm Meet at Calderstones Park, by the lake, and bring your own lunch to eat with The Handless Project and our fellow travellers. A chance to eat, rest and prepare for the next chapter of the journey.

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Booking information: Chapter 2: Going South is FREE. Book a place and we will contact you with updates and information.

Going North


Chapter 3: Going North

Saturday 20 May, 1pm – 6pm
Meet at Calderstones Park before 1pm. Arrive at Homebaked Anfield at 5pm.
11pm - 4am Walk with The Handless Project as we head North, and travel through the streets and green spaces of North Liverpool.
5pm – 6pm Pies and Song at Homebaked Anfield.*

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Booking information: *Tickets: £15 contribution. Homebaked will be providing a delicious supper, including a special Handless Project pie. A vegan and gluten free alternative will be available.



Chapter 4: Sunset

Saturday 20 May, 6pm – 9.15pm
Meet at Homebaked Anfield for 6pm, or at Everton Brow at 8.30pm
6pm - 8:30pm Walk with The Handless Project as we continue our journey through Liverpool, towards Everton Brow, to see the sun set across one of the most breath-taking views of the city.
8.30pm – 9.15pm Gather at Everton Brow to watch the sun set with The Handless Project, accompanied by an improvised vocal performance led by Steve Boyland.

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Booking information: Chapter 4: Sunset is FREE.  Book a place and we will contact you with updates and information.




Saturday 20 May, 9.15pm - Sunday 21 May 2am
Meet at Everton Brow before 9.15pm (sunset), or at 17 Love Lane at 10pm 
9.15pm – 10pm Take part in the final part of The Handless Project journey, towards a celebratory fiesta at 17 Love Lane.
10pm – 2am Share a beautiful italian meal with The Handless Project at 17 Love Lane. Celebrate and reflect on the journey with performers and participants.**

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Booking information: **Booking required for 17 Love Lane.  Enjoy nibbles on arrival, 2 courses, and 2 small glasses of wine. Non-alcoholic alternatives will be available. Tickets: £25 contribution.

Each ticket holder (excluding individual £5 tickets for breakfast at Squash Nutrition) will also receive a retreat box from Muse Retreats on the theme of ‘Journey’, designed especially for the project (usual rrp £15-18). Your contributions, in exchange for tickets to all, or part of our journey, will help us with documentation of the event, ensuring that The Handless Project has a legacy beyond the walk.

‘Your ‘Journey’ themed Muse Retreat is a creative retreat in a box. It contains background information on the theme, a step by step Muse invitation, which will guide you through the retreat process, creative items to enable you to complete journey themed activities, organic herbal teas to give you that nourishing retreat feeling and a sweet treat to make you smile! Find out more about Muse Retreats boxes at

There will be a limited number of 'Whole Journey' passes available, in exchange for a contribution of £40. This entitles you to Breakfast at Squash Nutrition, Supper at Homebaked Anfield, and a meal at 17 Love Lane (as described). You will also receive your Muse Retreat Box on the theme of ‘Journey.’
You can either arrive at the meeting points detailed in the itinerary, or track The Handless Project’s progress online at
We will also be updating our social media channels as frequently as possible on the day, with live information.

Please note that between meeting points, The Handless Project will be a silent walk around the streets and green spaces of Liverpool.

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