Jess Green and the Mischief Thieves: Burning Books

Jess Green and the Mischief Thieves: Burning Books

Tue 13 October 2015

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‘Brilliant. I loved it’
Josie Long

Janine, a tired-out sixty-something fights for her pension on a picket line while Kev, the newly qualified graduate, angrily defends his right to support Movember. Meanwhile, Sandra the librarian surreptitiously removes ‘unsuitable’ books and takes them to the tip, secretly watched by her assistant.
At a time when public sector budgets are stretched to breaking point and teachers feel the finger of blame firmly on their heads, Jess Green tells the stories of these everyday underdogs with passionate and lyrical spoken word poetry - underscored by a rousing musical soundtrack from her band, The Mischief Thieves, on acoustic guitar and cajon. 
Burning Books is a powerful, humorous and highly topical social commentary on the state of education and the teachers and students who survive within it.

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“Grippingly inventive and immensely touching.  She really cares - and that's what makes it impossible to tear your eyes away from her.”
Broadway Baby

“Green’s commitment and energy are inspiring to witness.  She is a poet, committed to what she believes in, and prepared to speak out. It is a pleasure to hear what she has to say”
TV Bomb

"It's brilliant! I loved it!"
Josie Long

“Brilliant. Her words have certainly struck a chord.”
Huffington Post

“An internet sensation”
The Independent

“Punchy, she struck a chord”
The Guardian

"Jess manages to be hard hitting in a way that's so subtle you don't realise until the bruises come up.  Amazing to watch!”
Scroobius Pip

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Dates: Tue 13 Oct
Times: 8pm
Running time: TBC
Prices: £10 | £8 conc | £6 under 23s
Charges: 50p card transaction | £1 postage
Venue: Unity Theatre

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