Hollie McNish: Plum

Hollie McNish: Plum

Wed 18 October 2017

Autumn 2017 | Phrased & Confused 
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‘She writes with honesty, conviction, humour and love. She points out the absurdities we've grown too used to and lets us see the world with fresh eyes’ Kate Tempest

Hollie McNish has thrilled and entranced audiences the length and breadth of the UK with her compelling and powerful performances. Plum is a wise, sometimes rude and piercingly candid account of her memories from childhood to attempted adulthood; about growing up, about guilt, flesh, fruit, friendships, work and play - and the urgent need to find a voice for the poems that will somehow do the whole glorious riot of it justice.

Supported by Sheffield based spoken word artist Gevi Carver with 'The Unsung'.


Hollie McNish

Gevi Carver

About Hollie McNish

Hollie McNish has published two previous collections, Papers and Cherry Pie, and one poetic memoir, Nobody Told Me. In 2016 she co-wrote the play Offside, which relates the two-hundred year history of UK women’s football, and collaborated with the Dutch ensemble, the Metropole Orkest, on her second poetry album Versus. McNish tours the UK extensively, and her poetry videos have attracted millions of views worldwide. She has a keen interest in migration studies, infant health and language learning, and gives performances of her work for organisations as diverse as The Economist, MTV and UNICEF. Plum is her first collection for Picador.

[About Gevi Carver - THE UNSUNG} Gevi Carver ‘THE UNSUNG’

From Prokofiev’s wife to Radiohead’s drum technician, many have laid down their lives for music. This brand new show from poet Genevieve Carver is a raucous funeral party for the forgotten heroes of musical history – not the famous dead musicians but the people behind the scenes. Weaving spoken word with original music from a live band, The Unsung takes you on a whirlwind tour around the world exploring how music has shattered the lives of those who’ve loved it most The Unsung bridges the gap between theatre, poetry and live music. The poem sequence focusses on relatable human stories, told in Genevieve’s unique accessible and heartfelt style. The music that complements each piece is far more than an accompaniment, working together with the words to conjure strikingly vivid vignettes of different real life situations, and covering a huge breadth of musical styles. The whole piece is framed as part of a wider dramatic narrative.


‘The things no one tells you before you have a baby are numerous - Hollie McNish turns them into epic poems about the transformation of your body and Mr Whippy vans. You'll learn a lot.’ Grazia

‘Her rhymes have a driving quality, urgent words pinning down fleeting feelings, and her prose is warm and conversational, like speaking to a friend.’ Observer

‘It's a moving and profoundly personal account. Yet at the same time, Nobody Told Me offers an insight into the shared, unspoken experiences of many mothers. McNish describes Nobody Told Me as 'All the things I couldn't talk about.' It feels like time that we started talking.’ The Skinny

‘Her poetry has never shied away from issues of gender, race, commercialism and parenthood but it always delivers touching and accessible insights, and this book will surely do the same’ The Big Issue

‘The world needs these poems - and so does every parent . . . Interspersed with passages of spiky, penetrating prose, they offer a series of vivid snapshots of the highly emotional, frequently paranoid and always sleep-deprived experience of the first-time parent . . . The world needs this book. It should be required reading for anyone thinking of having a baby, or even anyone who knows someone who is thinking of having a baby. And I can't help wondering if these islands would be a happier and more pleasant place to live if Nobody Told Me was made a compulsory sex-ed set text in our schools. Politicians, please take note.’ Scotland on Sunday

‘Beautifully written.’ Independent

‘Memoirs about early parenthood can feel horribly familiar but McNish brings a poet’s uncompromising eye to the glories and ghastliness of a universal experience, and in so doing renders it brand new’ Metro

‘A fascinating and honest read, at times heartwarming, and at others heartbreaking, but always beautiful’ Mumsnet

‘I can’t take my ears off her’ Benjamin Zephaniah

‘Hollie's poems are deep and delicate. They move across you in a way that's so gentle you almost don't realise how they've gone straight for the gut till you're thinking of them, by accident, days later. She writes with honesty, conviction, humour and love. She points out the absurdities we've grown too used to and lets us see the world with fresh eyes. Her poetry is welcoming, galvanising and beautiful. She's always been one of my favourites.’ Kate Tempest
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Dates: Wed 18 Oct 2017
Times: 8pm
Running time: TBC
Prices: £12 (£10 Concessions)
Charges: 50p card transaction | £1 postage

Venue: Unity One

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