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Suzanne Bell, one time literary manager of Liverpool’s Everyman & Playhouse, casually pointed out to an eager bunch of playwrights that her department received about two plays a month about The Beatles. The remark festered in the heart of Jamie Gaskin who wondered what happened to all that effort. Could it be harnessed?

With the help of theatre director and musician Michelle Taylor, Jamie got stuck into the internet to seek out writers’ groups in the UK and abroad. Four years on The Ticket to Write Festival has attracted nearly 80 plays of various lengths for its annual contest for a £150 prize. Many are about members of the Fab Four, or what their music meant to coming of age youngsters. Others have embroidered on the characters and stories evoked in the classic numbers. Entries have beamed in from America, Australia, Canada and Malta – indeed last year’s winner was an Emmy-nominated Hollywood scriptwriter. Such is the draw if the City’s favourite sons. 

After two sell out years of short plays Ticket to Write requested one-act plays which were directed by Martin Henshell. Plays are chosen blind and this year’s assessor and Artistic Director Rio Matchett, have selected a very quirky play, Face in a Jar from London-based writer Rob Taylor, based on two characters from a haunting Beatles song.  Maureen Brady Johnson from Berlin, Ohio, has entered for the third year, (two years ago she was runner-up). Her Stalking The Beatles gives us an insight into the characters of four US fans, as they wait outside a hotel determined to meet The Beatles of their choice. John Lennon is probably the most featured of The Beatles and this year there is You Are Lennon by Litherland Patrick Maguire who has also been a regular entrant. It offers us a very original way of looking at the childhood of Lennon featuring dad Freddy, mum Jude and the celebrated Aunt Mimi.
About Patrick Macguire

Patrick Maguire, a young Litherland writer, takes on a seasoned US dramatist and a London playwright in the fourth year of Ticket to Write, the Beatles-themed one-act play contest with his offering You Are Lennon. It concerns the relationship between John Lennon’s mother Jude, father Freddy and auntie Mimi and the upbringing of young John. It reflects the multi-parenting world John had as a child. Patrick’s education was in Fine Art. An interest in performance, theatre and local community drama groups inspired the progression to playwriting. He is currently a member of Liverpool Playwrights and has been “fortunate enough to receive the guidance of established Liverpool based writers”. Patrick graduated from The Young Writers Course hosted by The Everyman and Playhouse Theatres in June 2014 and was a semi-finalist of Ticket to Write’s maiden festival. He lives in Litherland.

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