Celebrating Volunteers Week at Unity

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This Friday 1st June marks the beginning of Volunteers Week. Here at the Unity Theatre, we are greatly appreciative of every one of our volunteers who continuously work hard to assist in the successful running of the Unity Theatre.

As documented on Volunteers Week’s website, ‘Volunteers’ Week is a time to say thank you for the fantastic contribution volunteers make’, and this is precisely what we at Unity wish to do.

Volunteering at the Unity Theatre is an opportunity for those who have an interest in theatre and wish to gain experience in this field. We are a friendly, welcoming and homely theatre and we welcome all our volunteers with wide arms into our loving family. Here is what our current volunteers have to say about their experience whilst volunteering at the Unity Theatre:

Julie Kirton  

‘I love doing Unity as it’s always different. I’ve got to know some nice people and I love being part of it’

‘One night with Andrew Lancel I was told to hand out bits of paper to the audience as they came in. I went to hand one to a woman and told her what it was for but she told me that she already knew all there is to know. I asked if she was his biggest fan and she replied ‘no I gave birth to him’. I started laughing but I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me at the same time.’

‘Another night this woman comes in and I saw a huge pair of scissors sticking out of her bag. I thought ‘I’ll keep an eye on this woman’. Well, I was watching the show and I had to stop myself from laughing as a cast member comes onto stage with this great big pair of scissors.’

Julie Kirton

Hope McGarry   I have loved volunteering at the Unity over the past 10 years - on and off! - whilst being amongst incredible theatre and inspiring people.’

‘Surreal memory: volunteer ushering and seeing John Bishop perform stand up at the Unity, in 2008! Watch this space people - the next big thing may pass through the Unity again!’ 

Hope McGarry

Lynette McGowan   'I have an amazing experience when I’m volunteering in the Unity. I love being part of the Unity team and enjoy watching the shows and meeting the actors and customers. :)’

‘This is my 8th year volunteering!’

Lynette McGowan


For more information on volunteer’s week, please check out the Volunteers’ Week website:  https://ncvovolunteers.wpengine.com/

Anthony Proctor

Anthony Proctor is Unity Theatre's Customer Experience & Marketing Manager.  Follow him on Twitter at @AntProctor