LightNight Exhibition: Ritual Bombardment In The Charnel House of Power

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LightNight Exhibition: Ritual Bombardment In The Charnel House of Power

The ritual of voting involves voters seeing information, hearing debates and discussing points of view before deciding how to vote. What does the process of persuasion look like in the digital era where online opinion formers exert anonymous influence? The population is now exposed to a battery of coverage, but appear to be less powerful and more unhappy than ever.

Exhibition opening 15th May 6pm – 8 pm
Light Night 17th May 5pm – 9 pm
Continues Tues to Saturday 10am – 6pm until 27 July

About The Artist

Nina Edge trained as a ceramicist and became known for subversive use of craft materials in shows with Black British artists in the 1980s. She is published by Third Text, International Journal of Art & Design Education, Feminist Art News, The British Council & Liverpool University Press. Exhibitions include Virtual Duality (Bluecoat, 1994), Mirage (ICA, 1995) Transforming the Crown (Studio Museum in Harlem, 1997) The Fifth Floor (Tate Liverpool, 2008) Turning FACT Inside Out. FACT, 2013) Her work is accessible to diverse audience, and often examines power relationships. She is shown in Liverpool, UK wide and internationally. Productions include multi-lingual advertising hoardings, radical textiles, drawings, poetry and performance. Her longstanding collaborations with communities have left a legacy in the built environment in works such as West Close Garden in Cardiff, Granby Winter Garden and Squash windows in Liverpool. She has taught at all levels and in many subjects speaking in universities and galleries about art, craft, theatre, housing, social science, planning, architecture, mathematics and philosophy.

Nina became interested in how political messaging impacts the public when she was a candidate in local elections in 2004 and 2005, and again as press officer for a parliamentary candidate in 2015. She used writing, photographs and drawings in campaign materials brokering direct dialogue for local people with the leader of the opposition, deputy prime minister and housing minister. All this in a 15 year campaign to seek alternatives to demolition for the Welsh Streets.

She stood as a candidate in the local elections in 2004 and 2005 when communications were either delivered by hand, or happened face to face on the doorstep. When employed as the Press Officer for a parliamentary candidate 2015, social media was also used to message voters. There was a budget to pay for twitter followers, face-book ads and memes. There was no second thought given to the use of digital communications to present policies to the electorate. But now all that has changed. Now evidence that on-line platforms are a vehicle for paid influencers she is left wondering if the people – the voters, have taken decisions, or if there is something going on, that we can’t quite see. The drawings produced for Unity’s Ritual of Voting grapple with that – with what we can’t quite see.

Light Night 2019: RITUAL
Unity Theatre, Fri 17 May 2019

5pm - 9pm

FREE ENTRY No booking required. 


Scott Fulton

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