Spring Season 2014

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Our Highlights

For the Family

The Pied Piper
Tue 3 Dec - Sat 11 Jan
Our annual family Christmas show is always a treat - we're thrilled this year to be working with specialist young people's theatre company Action Transport Theatre on the show - and, for the first time the show will be touring after its been in Liverpool! Great for families and children age 5 and over!

Sat 3 May
In the Unity office we have a list of companies we've wanted to bring in for a while and Theatre Rites, the company behind "Rubbish", are at the top of that list. They create beautiful work for young children and have been described by The Guardian as "the Cinderellas of the theatre world" while also comparing them favourably to Kneehigh, Complicite and Improbable!


Gary Delaney
Tue 15 Apr
We chose Gary's show because it is unadulterated jokes. There's no narrative, no voyage of self discovery or whimsy, just brilliant jokes. He's been on Mock The Week and Dave's One Night Stand. If you like Tim Vine, Milton Jones or Lee Mack then you'll like Gary Delaney!

Extra Happy Happy
Wed 12 - Sat 15 Feb
Big Wow Theatre (one of our favourites!) are raising money to take their latest show, "The Art Of Falling Apart" to Edinburgh in 2014, by reviving their first show. While chatting to Matt (one third of Big Wow) the other day he described this story of a hapless idiot going travelling to seek an experience and reminded us exactly why we loved this show so much the first time. Don't miss it (and support a Liverpool company going to Edinburgh Fringe).

Gripping Drama

Ballad Of The Burning Star
Tue 11 - Wed 12 Mar
This show has more stars than we've ever seen with a show before - five stars from The Scotsman, British Theatre Guide, Three Weeks, and four from The Guardian, and that's barely scratching the surface of the amazing reviews this show received. With killer heels, music and a lethal troop of divas this is an explosive tale right at the core of a conflicted Jewish state.

Tue 8 - Thu 10 Apr
A constantly evolving factual drama about US Army Intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, this show examines the man in the centre of a war between WikiLeaks and the American Government.

A bit whacky

North North North
Tue 18 Mar
NIE, the company behind North North North are based in Norway so add an international flavour to our season. To be honest it ticked the boxes for our favour theatre elements - fake moustaches? Check! Pipe smoking balloonists? Check! Frostbite and seal meat? Check!

How to Occupy an Oil Rig
Wed 19 Mar
We really loved Dan Bye's show The Price Of Everything last year - funny, clever and with free milk, what wasn't there to like! This, more ensemble show, promises the same wit and cleverness with a political edge!

Musically Speaking

Liverpool Acoustic Festival
Fri 21 - Sat 22 Mar
The brainchild of Unity's Marketing Officer Paul Dunbar, this two day festival will feature (ahem): Robert Vincent, Anna Corcoran, Thom Morecroft, Megan Thomas, Edward Barlow, Thomas J Speight and (deep breath) Ian McNabb. Amazing line up? Yes. It. Is.
Sam Freeman

Sam has been Unity's Marketing Manager since June 2010. He is also a freelance writer, director and occasional stand up comedian. His favourite performers are Daniel Kitson, Will Adamsdale and anything written by Tim Firth. Follow him on twitter @mrfreeman1984

Website: www.samfreeman.co.uk