Interview: Director of The Pied Piper!

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Hello, what’s your name?
Hello, my name is Nina Hajiyianni
Hi Nina, tell us about your usual job and your role for The Pied Piper?
I’m Artistic Director at Action Transport Theatre based in Ellesmere Port.
We make new work for, by and with young people and have our own little studio space in the middle of beautiful Whitby Park.
For The Pied Piper I am directing the show and leading the artistic process between now and the first performance, which is early December, it sounds far off but it’s not! We need to agree the story and write the adaptation/ script (which Kevin Dyer is doing), recruit the performers and get started with design ideas for the production – of all this needs to be done well in advance of rehearsals
So, what can we expect from The Pied Piper this Christmas and why is it a good story to tell?
You can expect fun, excitement, and spectacle with an element of danger. All good stories have some scary parts and the pied piper is no different. We like that the pied piper is mysterious and that he takes away all the children leaving the adults to find out where they have gone with the help of just one boy.
The story is a good one to tell because it has big ideas in it, it makes us think about greed, what’s right and wrong and about broken promises.
This is the second Christmas you’ve worked with unity theatre, what are you most looking forward to this year?
Being at the Unity working with the fantastic team and fully utilising all the lights and sound possibilities!
I’m also super excited about bringing the show to our studio theatre in Ellesmere Port!
What makes unity’s Christmas show so special?
The audiences who come back year after year and bring so much to each show, a performance is only as good as the audience who is watching.
And finally… What tune would you like to hear the Piper play on his pipe!
Oh that’s a good one, Green sleeves or maybe Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit!

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Sam Freeman

Sam has been Unity's Marketing Manager since June 2010. He is also a freelance writer, director and occasional stand up comedian. His favourite performers are Daniel Kitson, Will Adamsdale and anything written by Tim Firth. Follow him on twitter @mrfreeman1984