6 shows to kick off 2015

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We're back after the Christmas break and the building is a hive of activity. Next door (from the office) in Unity Two, Keddy Sutton and Gill Hardie are preparing for Mis Lez: A Revolution In Rollers, rehearsing after stretches in other Christmas shows. Meanwhile Graeme (our outgoing Artistic Director) is in the midst of planning his finale production of Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape while keeping an eye on our summer season which he's working on with Matthew (our incoming Artistic Director).  Unity's always been an exciting place to work but at the moment there's an excitement and energy around the place as we look to move into the next stage in our evolution. Finally downstairs in Unity One Rumplestiltskin is entering its final week in Liverpool before transferring to our partner Action Transport Theatre's home in Ellesmere Port for a week performing to Cheshire audiences. 

We wanted to give you a heads up about some of the shows coming up over the next month or so, helping you to kick off the year with something to tantilise you theatrical tastebuds. Here's 6 show's to kick off the year with Unity!

#1 - Mis Les: A Revolution In Rollers

Keddy Sutton and Gillian Hardie created the Scouse singing duo Caz 'n' Britney over 5 years ago, first bringing them to Unity with their hit sell-out show Scottie Road: The Musical, a raucous, fun-fest of a musical comedy that received amazing reviews in Liverpool before going on to sell out at Edinburgh Fringe. Mis Lez is their second show and follows the girls on their journey to cross the barricades. More...

See it if you enjoy: musicals, comedy, songs about pasties.

#2 - This Last Tempest

The first of our FuelFest shows it begins where Shakespeare ended The Tempest. Caliban and Ariel left alone on the enchanted island. Producers Fuel have a burgeoning reputation for creating dynamic, contemporary work and this show, by consistant achievers Uninvited Guests promises to enhance that reputation further. Part theatre show and part gig this promises to be the follow up The Tempest has been waiting for... More...

See it if you enjoy: Shakespeare, live music, modern theatre with a twist

#3 - The Only Way Is Downton

I saw this show in Edinburgh 2014 and fully expected to hate it. I'm a fan of Downton Abbey but, I pondered, surely it was impossible for one man to recreate every character, the quirks, the consistant disasters and twists. I was incredibly wrong. I laughed for an hour, and not a little laugh, that pit of the stomach kind of laugh. It's brilliant, clever, weird and, bizarrely works just as well for the uninitiated into the Downton world as well as the faithful. More...

See if if you enjoy: Downton Abbey, More plot twists than Midsummer Murders, Mr Bates' schemeing 

#4 - That's Amore

Tmesis Theatre are one of the UK's best physical theatre companies (in my humble opinion). They don't have the profile (or budgets) of companies such as most well known contemporaries such as DV8, but what they lack in profile they more than make up for in their creation of beauty. Their shows are joyful to watch, often with a dark core they bridge the gap between contemporary dance and theatre that is enchanting and, well, quite wonderful. This their latest show is about love, romance and the heart. More...

See it if you enjoy: DV8, Physical Theatre, Love.

#5 - Lost Minutes

Sometimes (actually pretty often) we get a show that arrives on our stage where we just want it to stay longer - it has that special something, it sparks ideas, releases endorphines, calms or soothes, or maybe all of those - sometimes it's intangible. Lost Minutes was with us in 2014 and it is a brilliant, clever and innovative show. Played to a small capacity audience (which meant loads of people missed out) it explores daydreaming and the slips from reality that form part of our daily lives. More...

See it if you enjoy: Contemporary theatre, relaxing, immersive theatre.

#6 - The Joke

Will Adamsdale is the unknown Perrier award winner (the biggest award in comedy). He won the award in 2004 and unlike many of the other winners (such as Rich Hall, Al Murray and Lee Evans) returned to relative obscurity creating brilliantly innovative theatre shows. I saw his last show, Borders, at Edinburgh Festival, a clever, witty show that lay on the divide (or border?) of storytelling, theatre and stand up. Lined up outside was a crowd of comedy obsessives, and Rowan Atkinson. So, y'know, he's good.. His new show is commissioned by Unity! More...

See it if you enjoy: Amazing comedy, Daniel Kitson, Storytelling.
Sam Freeman

Sam has been Unity's Marketing Manager since June 2010. He is also a freelance writer, director and occasional stand up comedian. His favourite performers are Daniel Kitson, Will Adamsdale and anything written by Tim Firth. Follow him on twitter @mrfreeman1984

Website: www.samfreeman.co.uk