A few moments with...Jamie Wood (Physical Fest 2015)

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Jamie Wood: O No!A few moments with...Jamie Wood - Physical Fest 2015

What made you get into theatre/dance?
When I started youth theatre at 13, I was 1 of 7 boys in a group that consisted of maybe 50 children, so for the girls was a big reason I got into theatre.

What was your inspiration for making this show?
I realised that the moment John Lennon was shot when I was 6 stood out very powerfully in my memory, also as my mum and dad get older I want to know more about their love and then love in general.

What should audiences expect?
A surprising, hilarious, exciting live experience, and super interesting for people who saw last years version to see how the show has changed and developed.

Have you got any artists that have really inspired you?
John Cage, Buster Keaton, Pina Bausch, Akhe, Jaques Tati, Charlie Kaufman, Italo Calvino

What do you like about Physical Fest/ or are you performing in Liverpool/Physical Fest for the first time?
Physical Fest truly captures a spirit of trust and play and exploration. It seems inviting to everyone and creates an atmosphere so warm that you never want to leave.

Jamie Wood: O No!
Sat 30 May | 8pm | click here