Big Wow return with last outing of comedy hit!

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Hello Bob! For those who don’t already know, could you tell us what you do and what your involvement is with ‘The Art Of Falling Apart'?
I sit about writing words for actors most of the time. But with Big Wow, we devise, then I script, then I direct. 

What was the idea for writing the show?
The initial idea for the show actually came from a scene in the film 'Magnolia' when a character mentions, just in passing, that they were once struck by lightning. We thought this was a good idea/premise for the beginning of something. A man gets struck by lightning, and then walks out on his life. As the idea developed we dropped the lightning thing.

The show has been a big hit with critics and both in Liverpool and Edinburgh. Did you ever imagine that level of success for it?
I don't know. We're very pleased if people like it. It's been made with a lot of love, and hard work.

The upcoming dates at unity are the last performances of the show for a while, why did you, Matt and Tim decide to put it to bed?
A number of reasons, but the main one is that Matt and Tim have pretty much full-time very full-on jobs, and we literally don't have the time to be together in a room to think up a new show. Matt will hopefully direct something written by me at some point.

What’s next for yourself (in terms of projects)?
The definite, exciting thing that's happening will be the release of a film based on my play 'God's Official' (first performed in Unity 2). It's now called 'Kicking Off'. Starring Warren Brown (Good Cop), and Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat). It's very, very nearly finished.

Final question Bob, what’s the one memory from your experience with the show, that you’ll take away with you?
Probably the last Saturday in Edinburgh last year when we managed to sell out, and the audience was really into it from the very beginning. Someone came up to us afterwards, and said it was one of the most electric atmospheres in a theatre they'd ever experienced. People don't have to say that.  

The Art Of Falling Apart
Thu 25 - Sat 27 Jun | 8pm & 2pm | click here