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As the new guy here at Unity theatre our Autumn season programme has become my well thumbed go-to bible over the last few days.  So, in a still vaguely semi-neutral capacity, I thought I’d share a few shows that really jump off the page as ‘must sees’, from our own Autumn Season and those a little further afield:

by Anders Lustgarten
Unity Theatre | 23 Sep - 3 Oct

I missed out on seeing this down at the Soho Theatre in London earlier this year, so it’s like Xmas come early I’ve got a second chance to see it here. Lustgarten’s plays are poetic and provocative – not afraid to lay bare what’s really happening in the world today and how it affects us all. More?

Andy Zaltzman: Satirist For Hire
Unity Theatre | 17 Sep

Mr Zaltsman is one half of the comedy godhead that brought you The Bugle –only the world’s most downloaded comedy podcast. Like Charlie Brooker? Love Andy Zaltzman.

Jess Green: Burning Books
Everyman Theatre | 13 Oct

You might have stumbled across her ‘Dear Mr Gove’ last year, a damning yet funny enditement of the policies of the then Education Minister on behalf of teachers up and down the UK.  Now she’s back with words and music and much, much more – true 21st century poetry. More?

by Lizzie Nunnery
Liverpool Playhouse Studio | 8 - 19 Sept

One of Maghull’s own, Nunnery’s debut play ‘Intemperance’ nailed 5 stars from the Guardian. An acclaimed musician, 'Narvik' sees her bring together her music with her dramatic writing for the first time – this could be special! More?

By Martin McDonagh
Jerwood Downstairs, Royal Court Theatre, London | 10 Sept - 10 Oct

If I’m in London I always make a bee line for what’s on at the Royal Court and the Young Vic – they rarely disappoint and don’t break the bank! From ‘Lieutenant of Inishmore’ through ‘The Pillowman’ to ‘In Bruges’, McDonagh’s had me in the palm of his hand from day one. If you like slick, gloriously un-pc black comedy then this is one for you – I dare you not to laugh until you rupture something. More?

Scott Fulton

Scott is the Unity's Digital Officer.