Mary Pearson is an internationally recognised perfomer whose unique blend of devised physical theatre and comedy drama has been wowing audiences across the UK.

Making a solo

I've been making solo work since 2012. I always have a fantastic time performing solo, but I can't say that I enjoy every moment of making a solo.

Things I love:

It is easy to get consensus on new ideas.

I can follow my own timing - 'tinker' with the show, a few hours here and there, rehearse on trains and while I am trying to sleep.

I can follow my own (illogical) logic, until I get to my point, (which is often not very pointy at all).

Solo work does not have to be made alone. Where funding is involved, it's a great way to invite other artists to collaborate with me. I've had some amazing collaborations as part of my solo work. Can't wait for you to see the 'selfie' film I made with Anne Sophie Malmberg!

Things I hate:

When no one is in the rehearsal room with me, what's to stop me from lying on the floor?  Thankfully, lying on the floor is a very important part of the creative process.

When no one is in the dressing room after the show, who do I talk to about how it went? Mirror, mirror, on the wall. To the bar!  


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