DaDaFest 2018

Passing: What's Your Legacy?

Welcome to DaDaFest 2018: Passing: What's your Legacy?

DaDaFest International returns to Liverpool City Region venues this autumn showcasing a series of high-quality cutting-edge work which challenges stereotypes and celebrate disability and D/deaf cultures.

Artists have been invited to explore the concepts of ageing, death and disability (passing time) and the changing nature of all our journeys and the legacies we leave (passing on).


---- Performances ----

Fri 2 Nov7:30pm |  £10.50 / £8.50 Conc.

Tue 13 - Wed 14 Nov | 6pm / 7:30pm | £8.50 / £6.50 Conc.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

A fairy tale of love and longing, using physical theatre, clown and mask for thinking families, inclusive to both D/deaf and hearing audiences.

"Knock Knock represents the new school of disability theatre: raw, entertaining, integrated." --View From The Cheap Seats



Mina is waiting for you to take your seat. She wants your full attention.

She won’t speak, but she will show you. Her story is about to unravel. You the audience, are her redemption. Are you ready for this?

Combining projection mapping and animation with physical theatre, Mina is a sensory, immersive exploration of the world of conversion therapy and gay exorcisms still prevalent today

Buy a combined ticket for MINA and Rockbottom on 14 November for just £12.50.

Thu 15 - Fri 16 Nov | 7:30pm (Thu), 7pm & 9pm (Fri)
£10 / £8 Conc.

  Tue 20 Nov | 7:30pm  | £12.50 / £10.50 Conc.

Mop the House

Mop The House: A Short Guide to Vogue

An intimate extravaganza for two actors, one DJ, an audience and a runway that could go anywhere.

Fittings bring you the latest stage of their sashay into the world of Vogue culture. Melding history with fantasy and dance with urban sign. Featuring house beats with a punk sensibility and a lot of BAD language, Mop the House is the UK premiere.

Age Recommendation: Suitable for 16+

  Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Having kids is not an easy decision: Can I afford it? Will I screw it up?

Now imagine making these decisions if you have a learning disability. 

Fast moving, raw and eye-opening, Mia explores the truths and myths about learning disability and parenthood in today's society. Think pop culture with popcorn, science with silliness, stories with statisitcs. Mia challenges the often taken for granted idea of 'being a parent'.

Wed 21 Nov | 6:30pm |  £8.50 / £6.50 Conc. 

Thu 22 Nov | 6pm / 7:30pm | Pay What You Decide
On The Tracks

On The Tracks

Step into the dark and unsettling world on the rail tracks at night.

Tonight, something has changed. Ted seems to be more distant than usual and when conversation turns to the darker side it becomes clear how little Robert really knows about Teds’ life.

Jump into their world and uncover the unsavoury truths.

  DaDaFest International Scratch Night

DadaFest International Scratch Night

Scratch Night is a night of new work by emerging artists who will share their work in progress in front of an audience.

The evening will be facilitated by Julie McNamara of Vital Exposure and Alyson Campbell, Director of Cake Daddy.


Fri 23 Nov | 8:30pm | £16.50 / 12.50 Conc.


Sat 23 Nov | 8:30pm £12.50 / £10.50 Conc.

Francesca Martinez

Francesca Martinez:  What the **** is Normal?

After winning a Fringe Media Network Award at the Edinburgh Fringe, and a nomination for Best Show at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival, ‘wobbly’ comedian Francesca Martinez brings her hit stand up show to Unity Theatre as part of DaDaFest for it's Liverpool premier.

  Lawrence Clark

Lawrence Clark: An Irresponsible Father's Guide to Parenting

Growing up Laurence never saw Dads with cerebral palsy; which made him think he'd never be a parent himself. Besides, the only thing he'd ever managed to look after was a cactus, and even that died from dehydration.

If Laurence is an irresponsible father then it's nothing to do with being disabled! It's probably more to do with balancing his wife's crutches on his son's baby walker to make him look like a Dalek!


Mon 3 Dec | 7:30pm  |  FREE


From Fri 30 Dec | 7:30pm  |   £15.50 / £10.50 Conc. (£9.50 previews)
Kaite O'Reilly's

Kaite O'Reilly's The 'd' Monologues

"an emotional rollercoaster of raw pain, humour and resilience…. for anyone who treasures the diversity of the world."-  Jenny Sealey. CEO/Artistic Director of Graeae Theatre

Join Kaite and guests at the launch of her acclaimed The ‘d’ Monologues, celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and relishing all the possibilities of human variety.

  Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

"A gift to children of all ages."
-- The Stage for The Jungle Book
Action Transport again joins forces with Unity Theatre for this highly theatrical and bold retelling of this classic family tale.

Beauty and the Beast shows that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and that everyone’s attitude can, at times, be beastly!

Perfect for children aged 5+ and their families


---- Exhibitions ----

Thu 1 Nov - Sat 8 Dec | 11am - 4:30pm | FREE 

Jonathan Griffith: Retrospective

Jonathan Griffith: Retrospective

An exhibition of the work from Jonathan Griffith, a self taught artist with cerebral palsy.

FREE TALK - 6pm, Tue 20 Nov (booking required)