Help Support Liverpool’s Creative Community through our Open Call Crowdfunder

Thursday, 4 February 2021

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COVID19 has had a terrible impact on Liverpool’s community of artists and performers and they need your help more than ever. Unity exists as a charity to support and nurture local talent and deliver high-quality performances. Together we can ensure that these brilliant Merseyside artists can continue to make a living through our Open Call programme – and be ready to entertain us all with the work they create. Since we shut our doors in March 2020, Unity have invested funds to support:

  • 152 individual artists and companies with free space in our theatre to rehearse, record, write scripts, plot lighting and interview participants.
  • 63 individual artists and companies with support, proofing and feedback on funding applications.
  • 41 individual artists and companies with one-to-one mentoring and project development.
  • 370 individuals with live training, networking and advice sessions through our online events programme.
  • 31 individual artists and companies with additional income for creating work beyond our core programme.
  • 10,226 audience members with online activity to enjoy.


Unity’s Open Call Programme 

Unity have also recently completed a call out for Merseyside creatives to submit work as part of our 2021 season Open Call Programme. The Open Call provides artists with a fee of up to £1250 and will help artists survive and comeback stronger than ever after a year of restricted income streams and creative outlets.

We were blown away by the number of responses to the call out, receiving over 16 x the number of applications for the programme to places available. Sadly this really shows how many of our local artists really need financial and creative support right now.

We can’t fund them all and will have turn down some outstanding proposals from brilliant artists. So, we’re giving you the chance to help us say a big YES to at least 10 more proposals.

This Crowdfunder isn’t about us asking for money for Unity. It’s giving you chance to support artists directly. We are also offering all artists who take part in the season the opportunity for a free professional recording of their work which will allow them to continue to make money after the Open Call has finished.


What Your Money Will Achieve:

Your donation will ensure:

  • More artists receive a guaranteed income of up to £1250 and the chance to create again after a year of very limited performance and income opportunity.
  • More artists will be receiving both financial AND practical support to develop and test out ideas.
  • Audiences will have more high-quality entertainment to enjoy as a result of more work being developed and shared.
  • The Open Call isn’t just for artists looking to create physical performances, many of those already submitted include fantastic community based workshops for young people and isolated communities. Your donation will allow us to fund more activities like this.
  • All of the work showcased as part of the Open Call, whether online, in venue or out in the community will be fully accessible with captioning and audio facilities. This means more opportunities for those continuing to shield to enjoy the best of Liverpool’s performers.

Together we can transform the careers of at least 10 more of Merseyside’s most talented, imaginative and innovative independent artists. Every gift, large or small, will make a massive difference to these artists and our creative city.