Homotopia 2018

Homotopia: I Will Survive

Welcome to Homotopia 2018: I Will Survive! 

This year promises to be fab and fun, with international big names, hometown faves, party nights, drag kings and queens, two Liverpool Vogue Houses and much ,much more.

Dive in!

---- Performances ----

Tue 6 Nov7:30pm |  £10.50 / £8.50 Conc.

Wed 7 Nov | 6.15pm | Pay What You Decide

Deitrich: Natural Duty

Deitrich: Natural Duty

An intoxicating one-(wo)man show revealing the life of a legend.

"An absolute tour de force, Peter Groom’s take on legendary teutonic beauty Marlene Dietrich is literally breathtaking" --The Gay UK

  Medea, written in Rage

Love The Life You Live, Live The Life You Love

Maz is a 24 year old dual heritage Queer window dresser - talented, attractive and larger than life. Out clubbing one night he meets Sidney – a ghost who ‘passed for white’ before the onset of WW1. This seemingly random but disturbing encounter changes them both in unforeseen ways forever.

A 20 minute scratch performance - full show coming to Unity Feb 2019!

Join us before the performance for a Creative Writing Workshop to explore techniques using themes from the show. (See workshops section below - booking required!)

Wed 7 - Thu 8 Nov | 8:00pm | £10.50 / £8.50 Conc.
  Fri 9 Nov | 7:30pm  | £10.50 / £8.50 Conc.

Son of Liverpool

Rent Party

"Fierce and Fabulous" --The Stage

RENT PARTY is a 21st-Century Austerity Britain immersive show, inspired by the 1920s Harlem Renaissance Rent Parties. Just like in the 20s, we invite you - the audience - to pay to come to a party, so that we can make this month’s rent. We’ll entertain you with all our artist friends; dancers, singers, musicians, poets, who will create a kaleidoscopic picture of what it means today to be young, gifted, and black – and poor, and gay. Being broke never looked so fierce!

Dance with us
Join us for a Fun filled FREE party dance workshop before the show (see workshops section below - booking required!)

  Hip Hip I'm Gay!

Hip, Hip I'm Gay!

HIP HIP I’M GAY! is a comedy cabaret which follows real-life stories and experiences of coming out and the mental health struggles people have faced alongside their sexual identity.

Sat 10 Nov | 5:00pm | Pay What You Decide

Tue 13 - Wed 14 Nov | 6pm / 7:30pm | £8.50 / £6.50 Conc.
Emerging Talent: Scratch Night

Emerging Talent: Scratch Night

Discover fresh, exciting and uber talented emerging LGBTQ+ artists and performers at Homotopia’s scratch night.

Enjoy four performances and offer your feedback on these works-in-progress.

You may well find a star of the future.



Mina is waiting for you to take your seat. She wants your full attention.

She won’t speak, but she will show you. Her story is about to unravel. You the audience, are her redemption. Are you ready for this?

Combining projection mapping and animation with physical theatre, Mina is a sensory, immersive exploration of the world of conversion therapy and gay exorcisms still prevalent today

Buy a combined ticket for MINA and Rockbottom on 14 November for just £12.50.

Wed 14 Nov | 9:00pm | £8.50 / £6.50 Conc.


Thu 15 - Fri 16 Nov | 7:30pm (Thu), 7pm & 9pm (Fri)
£10 / £8 Conc.



Combining bold story-telling with highly physical choreography, Rockbottom is a moving and incredibly honest self-portrait of personal struggle with depression and addiction.

The themes are leavened with humour and warmth, skyrocketing between existential angst and irony, and give prominence to the roles of resilience and support networks within recovery.

Buy a combined ticket for MINA and Rockbottom on 14 November for just £12.50.

  Mop the House

Mop The House: A Short Guide to Vogue

An intimate extravaganza for two actors, one DJ, an audience and a runway that could go anywhere.

Fittings bring you the latest stage of their sashay into the world of Vogue culture. Melding history with fantasy and dance with urban sign. Featuring house beats with a punk sensibility and a lot of BAD language, Mop the House is the UK premiere.

Age Recommendation: Suitable for 16+


Sat 17 Nov | 7:30pm  |  £15.50 / £10.50 Conc.

Scottee: Fat Blokes

Scottee: Fat Blokes

Fat Blokes is a sort of dance show about flab, double chins and getting your kit off in public - made by artist and forward facing fatso, Scottee.

Prepare yourself for a show about pent up aggression, riot grrrl and the hokey cokey.  This is fat rebellion.



Wed 7 Nov | 5pm | FREE (with ticket for main show)

  Wed 7 - Thu 8 Nov | 7:00pm | FREE (with a ticket for main show)

Medea, written in Rage

Writing Workshop: Love the Life You Live, Live The Life You Love

Join us before the performance of Love the Life you Love, Live the Life you Love for a FREE Creative Writing Workshop led by performer, poet and playwright Carol Leeming to explore techniques in poetic writing, using themes from the show (booking essential).

FREE (with a ticket to Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love - booking required! ).

  Rent Party Dance Workshop

Rent Party: Dance Workshop

Dance with us! Join us for a fun filled FREE party dance workshop before the show (limited to 15 places, booking essential).

 FREE (with a ticket to Rent Party - booking required!)