Community Tickets Project - Unity Theatre

At Unity we want to provide everybody with the opportunity to experience amazing arts and culture. Every year we give away up to 3000 free tickets to charities, community groups, asylum seekers, individuals and anybody who needs them.

In the first year of the CommUNITY Ticket Project, 91% of attendees through the free ticket scheme had never visited the theatre before.


The Community Ticket Project includes:

  • Tickets available for specific organisations that may benefit from them. These organisations will be selected according to the content of each show.
  • Lasting Partnerships
  • Education Packages and Resources
  • Wraparound activities



Through both targeted selection as well as application, Unity will now have a dedicated resource of tickets to bring theatre to everybody who wishes.


Lasting Partnerships

We would also love to set up ongoing partnerships with organisations that would benefit from the Community Tickets Project. If you’re organisation or an organisation you know would be a good fit for a lasting ticket partnership with Unity then don’t hesitate to get in touch at


Education Packages

Unity has been curating and developing an online education package that will become available to educators and organisations who would benefit from it. These resources, that will primarily take the form of a video and multi-media library will be available at no cost.

The content will be based around the topics of our programme and the shows within it; for example, the incredible 8 Hours There and Back recently had its debut at Unity. This show is about the impact of parental incarceration on children and as part of the education package a Round Table discussion with those involved in the production on its subject matter will be made available.


Wraparound Activities

The Community Tickets Project goes beyond tickets, with the offer of wraparound activities like educative workshops or Q&As available for groups and organisations. These additional community activities are varied and could even simply be an offer of the free use of Unity Space for a class or presentation.


If you’d like to enquire about the Community Tickets Project then please don’t hesitate to email


Who has the Community Ticket Project Worked with so far?

In the very short time since its formation the Community Ticket Project has provided and facilitated new theatre experiences for many of the local community, fostering the sense of community experience we strive to create and preserve at Unity. These organisations include:

  • Toxteth Women’s Centre
  • The Spider Group
  • The Bluecoat’s Blueroom
  • Pagoda Arts
  • Liverpool Parent and Carer Forum


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