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The generosity of our community over the last two years has been absolutely staggering. Your contributions directly funded the second and third round of artists in the 2021 and upcoming 2024 Open Call, raising £20,000 for a total of 25 artists to receive funding, guidance, and a stage to perform on. Some of these artists have now gone on to do incredible things like winning the Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize for Best in Class in 2022 or going on national tours. Your generosity helped those brilliant things happen.


As times get tougher for everyone, we are more aware than ever of the meaning and significance of every donation we receive.

And we are, unfortunately more in need of our community than before. Every penny will be directed towards sustaining a space in which audiences feel at home and artists are able to come to grow. As we move into 2024 and the practical barriers to amazing art become even more solidified, we will continue to use your donations to break down these barriers by continuing to develop our access programme.

With your help we have also been able to donate up to 3000 tickets a year via our Community Tickets Project to community groups and charities. We’ve also been able to invest over £90,000 directly into supporting Liverpool-based artists via the Open Call programme. And now provide regular support to over 1000 artists with our FREE Creative’Pool membership. We are so proud of what we have been able to achieve with your help.

From the Unity team and all the artists we work with, thank you in advance as your decision to support us in this way means so much and goes so far in helping us to achieve our goals and visions of the future.


Donate here or below

£5 – If 5 supporters donate £5 then Unity will be able to use this to fund our online education packages for schools and community groups.


£10 – Covers the cost of a ticket in Unity’s Community Tickets Project, providing schools, charities and community groups with up to 3000 tickets per year.


£20 – If 5 people donate £20, Unity can provide free space for Liverpool artists and companies to develop ideas, rehearse and create for free.


£50 – If 4 people donate £50, this the cost of a BSL interpreter for one of our shows, making amazing Liverpool art even more accessible.


£100 – Allows us to make a live show also available online so more people can access the theatre


£200 – This would allow us to staff our free weekly youth theatre’s for disabled and young people


£500 – Would allow us to provide an artist with free space and support to develop their ideas