Leap 2017

Something exciting is happening in Liverpool’s Docklands. MDI are teaming up with Make Liverpool and Unity Theatre for a very special 25th Anniversary of LEAP Dance Festival.

Between the 1st and 12th March 2017 LEAP Dance Festival will occupy Make Liverpool, transforming the space in to a purpose built dedicated dance space, housing the entirety of main festival.

Festival Pass to all LEAP 2017 shows just £90

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Shows + Workshop + More!

Wed 1 - Thu 2 Mar | 7:30pm | £16 (£14 Conc)


Sat 4 Mar | 7:30pm | £16 (£14 Conc)

Coal   Whiteout


“An absorbing, immediate slice of history rendered with the kind of emotional truth that deepens its impact as popular entertainment.”
The Times

Marking the 30th anniversary of the end of the 1984/85 British Miners’ strike, award winning choreographer Gary Clarke proudly presents COAL, a riveting dance theatre show which takes a nostalgic look at the hard-hitting realities of life at the coal face.

Barrowland Ballet: Whiteout

“Barrowland Ballet bring a thrillingly muscular energy. ...This is a take on life with genuine strength of conviction in a natural, vivid style. We’re entranced.” The Guardian

A heartfelt contemporary dance theatre piece that gives resonance to the complexities of bi-racial relationships, exploring the issue with honesty and humour. The six dancers use their versatility of styles to create a show that is thrilling, joyful and physically emotional.

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Sun 5 Mar | 3pm | £8 (£6 Conc)


Mon 6 Mar | 7:30pm | £16 (£14 Conc)

Leap Community Showcase   The Enormous Room

Community Showcase: 25 Years of Leap

Placing the people of Merseyside central to our future ambitions for a dedicated dance space for the region, our community showcase will celebrate 25 years of LEAP Dance Festival. With a diverse programme of new work by invited groups past and present.


The Enormous Room

The past is still present and memories collide with reality. Combining exquisite detail in movement with evocative text and design, the production takes the audience somewhere in between this world and the next. A production that champions the creative potential of diversity. 


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Tue 7 Mar | 3pm | £8 (£6 Conc)


Tue 7 Mar | 7:30pm | £10 (£8 Conc)

Leap Community Showcase   Liz Aggiss: Slap & Tickle


A Celebration of Dance by Older People.

Returning for it’s second year, Vital! celebrates the notion that you are never too old to dance. With workshops and performance for and by people aged over 50, we highlight the need for creativity and expression within an aging population.



Liz Aggiss: Slap & Tickle

Hosted at Edge Hill University Arts Centre

A dark and ribald physical commentary on cultural mores and sexual taboos - a feminist soup that lurches from spoken word to expressionist movement, from music hall to radio nostalgia, from costume change to prop manipulation.

A very funny solo piece… no need for Aggiss to bemoan the lack of opportunities facing older women in the theatre, because she puts herself centre stage" - The Guardian

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Wed 8 Mar | 7:30pm | £12 (£10 Conc)


Thu 9 Mar | 7:30pm | £12 (£10 Conc)

FoMo, MoFos!   Hetain Patel: American Man

Mary Pearson: FoMO, MOFOs!

Flashing back through another time, another place, a woman is lost in a digital age state of being. A kaleidoscopic meditation passing through the films Blow-Up and Mullholland Drive and the songs of Robert Wyatt, Kraftwerk and John Lennon; a modern myth, cautionary tale, and cinematic visual feast. 



Hetain Patel: American Man

“Patel shapeshifts with delicious dexterity.” The Guardian

A not-too-distant-future where celebrity power and political correctness have reached new heights; Barack Obama’s post-Presidential role is CEO of Apple, and Stephen Hawking voices Disney characters. From award-winning dancer and choreographer, Hetain Patel.

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Sat 11 Mar | 5:30pm & 7:30pm | £12 (£10 Conc)


Sun 12 Mar | 7:30pm | £12 (£10 Conc)

Project O: Voodoo  

Project O: Voodoo

I can only say, there we have been:
but I cannot say where.
And I cannot say, how long,
for that is to place it in time.

A space where time stretches and histories expand into the future. A mining of physical movement, the concept of spectatorship and embodiment of both roles - a cleansing ritual that takes place in front of a live audience. A four hour durational work in two sittings.
  MDI presents...

Artists Takeover 

For the final day of the festival, the venue is handed over to local artists to experiment and explore the possibilities of a dedicated dance space and steer the course for MDI's future ambitions.  

An evening of innovative new performance work, including MDI's ResiDance artists Helen McCarron and Felix Ologbosere.

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Make Liverpool

37 Regent Street, Liverpool, L3

* - with the exception of Liz Aggiss: Slap & Tickle which is hosted by Edge Hill University Arts Centre


Please note: If you select to collect tickets from Box Office, they will be available to collect from the show venue, Make Liverpool from one hour before the show. Please have a copy of your confirmation code with you.
For out of hours Box Office enquiries 
or to contact the LEAP team at the venue please call 07572 832 886