Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool’s Royal Court and Unity’s statement on the Government’s proposed funding cuts to arts subjects at Higher Education level

Friday, 7 May 2021

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The Government wants to impose a 50% funding cut to arts subjects at Higher Education level in England.

It is our belief that to cut funding for performing & creative arts subjects at Higher Education level will have a harmful impact not just on the future of our industry but on our city and its residents. Artists, audiences and communities thrive when people are allowed to explore and develop their creative potential. We strongly believe that access to the arts should not be decided by how much money you have in your pockets. These proposed cuts are exclusionary and will result in fewer affordable opportunities.

Liverpool is a city filled with talent and creativity that we proudly share with the world. The huge contribution of the arts and creative industries to Liverpool’s economy and wellbeing must not be downplayed and it is concerning to see that the government seemingly does not recognise this value.

As we begin to rebuild following the coronavirus pandemic, we are excited to play our part in the city’s recovery. As the three main producing theatres in the city, we are committed to working together as a collective to nurture new artists, connect with communities, and entertain audiences of the Liverpool City Region and beyond. The proposed cuts are in direct opposition to our collective ambition, and we call upon the government to reconsider this action and support us in developing the next generation of talent.

The consultation period on these proposals has now closed and we in Liverpool have made our concerns and frustrations known. However, you can still support the Public Campaign for the Arts’ petition by signing here.