making art

Making Art


unitytheatre is the North West's key organisation in the development of new companies, practitioners and artists. The Making Art scheme provides a small financial loan with extensive technical, marketing and administrative assistance to aid the development of new shows.

Past participants have included:

Travelled Companions (Remember Remember), Ullaloom & Petit Ullaloom (The Red Shoes), Terry Titter (Terry Titter's Cosy Chrimbo!!), Big Wow (The Friendship Experiment), RAW (Random Acts Of Wildness) (Legless 'n' Armless), Tmesis, Pimento Theatre, Said&Done and Caz 'n' Britney.

unitytheatre help emerging and upcoming companies/artists in many ways with the Making Art scheme:
  • A small production loan (usually around £100 to pay for essential items)
  • A technical day at unitytheatre
  • Technical support and a dedicated technician for the period of the project
  • Minimum of 2 performances
  • Full marketing support


Applying for Making Art couldn't be simpler.

All you need to do is fill in a single side of A4 paper and include the following:
  • Outline of the project
  • Why the project would benefit from Making Art support.
  • How you would utilise the £100 budget
  • About the company - a CV about the company/group/artist
Send your application to

You can also contact Gordon to find out more about Making Art Opportunities at unitytheatre.

All applications will be considered but we can’t guarantee acceptance or when we would be able to offer time for your project.

You will also be asked to come in to talk to us before commencement of a Making Art project. 


"When we first began 'Tmesis' in 2003 the support, encouragement and advice from the unity was invaluable in giving us a start and supporting us to create new physical work. We were part of the Making Art scheme with our first piece in 2003 and with the small grant, we were able to create publicity material, showcase our work and go on to get arts council project funding. it's a vital scheme for local artists at the beginning of their careers."
Elinor Randle - Tmesis Theatre

"Making Art gave us a spring board into the world of arts. Without Making Art we would have not had the opportunity to try something new and inventive with the backing of professionals, with this programme new emerging artists can come together and find there own way of working. Since this programme we have gone on to take our shows to Edinburgh Fringe and tour successfully being nominated for a comedy award. Thank you Making Art!"
RAW (Random Acts of Wildness)

"Making Art gave us confidence as a new company to continue to push ourselves further in the industry."
Travelled Companions