Our Ongoing Commitment to Fighting Racism

Friday, 14 May 2021

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Black Lives Matter is a truth.

Black Lives Matter requires actively anti-racist action to bring about structural change and Unity is responding to this. It is more than a year now since this truth was amplified following the murder of George Floyd and we stand firm in our commitment.

Unity recognises that we have an ongoing role to play in addressing the harm caused by previous inaction in the cultural sector and beyond.

Unity has increased it commitment to making inclusive change in our outputs, practices, workplace and communities. Our actions are continuous as we listen, reflect and respond to those most affected by racism.

This commitment is central in our work with creatives, audiences and participants, colleagues and trustees. The purpose behind Unity’s arts and activities is to promote a more accessible and supportive society. Unity will continue to advocate and behave in ways that will bring about change.

There are organisations that have gathered information to help in the fight against racism. One of the most helpful instruments for change we have found is “Inc Arts Unlock”, an Anti-Racism Toolkit Home. This is an invaluable resource for us. We adhere to this anti-racism framework in our commitment to change, through the practices of recruiting, care for colleagues and leadership.

We will continue to update you on this journey through our blog. We will also continue to share our learnings, actions and any resources we use that may also help you become a force for change.

Black Lives Matter.