Unity at 40: Paul Hunter

Monday, 6 January 2020

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In the first of our 40 Years series of guest blogs, Told by an Idiot Artistic Director Paul Hunter explains the crucial role Unity Theatre played for him and his company.

PAUL: The Unity has played a crucial role in the TBAI story. They were there at the very beginning giving us our first touring gig in 1994, and have remained supportive over the 26 year history of the company taking all but 2 of our touring productions. Artistic Director Graeme Philips was a wonderful advocate for our work and a genuine collaborator.

The Unity really supported us in the early days, not just in practical terms such as taking our shows and coming on board as co producers, but helping us develop as a touring company who embraced experimentation whilst always searching for the popular.

What makes the Unity special and unique is their genuine commitment to new work in all its forms, and their encouragement of artists and companies at the early stage of their careers.

What stands the Unity apart from other theatres of venues is its unique atmosphere. It is always one of enquiry, and playfulness, rigour and anarchy, and it continues to celebrate and revel in the notion of theatre as a live art form.


Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is co-founder and Artistic Director of Told by an Idiot. Paul has worked on all Told by an Idiot shows to date as director/devisor/performer.

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