Physicalfest 2019

Physical Fest is Tmesis Theatre’s international physical theatre festival.

A 6-day festival presenting performance, workshops, a conference and bursaries for the creation of new work.

A celebration of the rich variety of local, national and international contemporary physical work, the only festival of it’s kind in the UK.

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Tue 11 Jun, 7:30pm£15 / £12
  Tue 11 Jun (9pm) & Thu 13 Jun (8pm) £15 / £8

I Cried Because I Had No Shoes Until...   Butt Kapinski

I Cried Because I Had No Shoes Until...

Izumi Ashizawa (JAPAN)

Real, Nostalgic, dreamlike memories all intertwine, collide, and dissolve in this powerful, physical performance, exploring ‘Shoes’ in gender and racial politics. Incorporating traditional Japanese performance styles and puppetry, Izumi Ashizawa creates a hauntingly beautiful performance.

"She’s bold. She’s impressionistic, and she demanding of your attention." 
Washington DC Metro



Butt Kapinski


Think it's a solo show? Think again. The international sensation of gender trickery and audience immersion is back in England for a very limited run. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery. The ensuing funny, filthy ride is riddled with sex, sin, shadows and subterfuge. No seat is safe!


"A tour de force of character comedy and clowning."


Thu 13 Jun, 11-3pm | £5 - bring your lunch along!

Thu 13th Jun, 4pm |  Pay What You Decide

Devoted & Disgruntled   Female Artist Bursary Award Winner: Meraki Collective

Devoted & Disgruntled: Open Space Event

What can we all do about female leadership and particularly those from a working-class background being under represented in the arts?

An invitation from Claire Bigley, Producer of Physical Fest:

"I believe we need to make sure there are ways into the sector for female, working class, artists. We need people inleadership roles; AD’s, CEO’s, board members, Venue Managers. So how can we,together, fundamentally change the make-up of those making andwatching theatre for the better? Come along to this event and let’s do some work . See you there!"


Meraki Collective: Kill a Witch or Die Trying


From the days of burning at the stake to slaying the successful woman on twitter, Women are being demonised for speaking up and standing out.

"Kill a Witch or Die Trying" is the new visually captivating, belly laugh inducing Dance theatre work by Meraki Collective


Fri 14 Jun, 5.30, 6, 6.30, 7pm (15min) |  Pay What You Decide


Fri 14 Jun, 7:30pm | £10 / £8

Female Artist Bursary Award Winner: Rowena Gander



Rowena Gander: The Ten Inch Heels

Do objects have the capacity to make you feel empowered or objectified? What is that object for you?

“The Ten Inch Heels” explores the extrinsic value of sexualised and exaggerated femininity, questioning how engagement with high heels can either promote or dissolve female subordination. The intimate setting of the work encourages a physical power dynamic that positions the performer in front of you, beneath you, next to you, or on top of you.

Age Recommendation: 16yrs+




3 extracts of new work. 1 night.

Come and witness exciting work from across Europe in clown, bouffant and physical theatre. Featuring; Teatro PomodoroMadame Señorita and the Reetta Honkakoski Company.


Sat 15 Jun, 3pm£8 / £5 - Preview! 

Sat 15 Jun, 7:30pm | £15 / £12
Narky Sizzle   SMASHED: Gandini Jugglings

Jamie Wood - Narky Sizzle and the Coconuts

Jamie Wood (UK)

"Jamie Wood is a performer to fall in love with." 

-- ★★★★ Exeunt (for O No!)

Narky Sizzle, rock star extraordinaire, has arrived in your town. He's ready to perform - with out-of-this-world jumping music, leg-jiggling dancing and costumes to make your eyes pop!



SMASHED - Gandini Juggling

The dark art of juggling.

80 apples, 9 performers, 4 crockery sets. You are cordially invited to a tea party that you will never forget. At the forefront of contemporary circus for over 20 years, and having performed in over 40 countries, Gandini Juggling bring their award-winning sensation SMASHED.

A mesmerising mix of circus and theatre, inspired by the work of Pina Bausch, this is a rare opportunity to catch this global SMASH-hit. 

Wed 12 Jun, 10:30am - 12:30pm | FREE (booking required)

Mothers Who Make:  Physical Fest Special

With Guest Lead Artist!

Mothers Who Make is a growing national initiative aimed at supporting mothers who are artists - professional and/or passionate. Every kind of maker is welcomed, and every kind of mother.

Tmesis Theatre are the Liverpool Hub Coordinators and we are pleased to welcome one of the MWM artists to lead a workshop today!

Booking is essential and children are welcome!



Served in the Unity Bar 11th, 13th, 14th & 15th June before each show

Day 1
Curried sweet potato dhal (vg)
Fragrant rice (vg)
Sri Lankan chicken curry

Day 2
Sweet potato and fried plantain salad (vg)
Jerk chicken

Day 3
Thai bean pattie (vg)
Asianslaw (vg)
Salt and pepper chicken

Day 4
Chickpea falafel (vg)
Superfood salad (vg)
Lamb kofta

Food is served preshow from 6pm 

Bistro Noir

 Physical Fest 2019 - Workshops 10-15th June

An exciting 6 day programme of workshops from international practitioners including: Izumi Ashizawa (Japanese Performance), Deanna Fleysher (Naked Comedy), Reetta Honkakoski (Thinking Body), Jamie Wood (Effortlessly Funny), Tmesis Theatre (Expressive Ensemble) and Gabrielle Moleta (Animal Transformation & Imaginative Improvisation).

Special offer for all 6 days, £250 before May 1st!

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