8 Hours There and Back Trailer - Unity Theatre

8 Hours There and Back Trailer

Watch Above: 8 Hours There & Back Trailer by All Things Considered

It’s the family that’s got to live with it on the outside and the outside…is a lot…bigger.’

There are things they want to say, things they want us to hear, to understand, to acknowledge, to change.

It is estimated that over 300,000 children are affected by parental imprisonment in the UK.


This verbatim performance shares the testimonies of children who have had a parent sent to prison. It examines a child’s world when they are plunged into a new reality of prison visits, social workers, timed telephone calls, judgements, loss of contact and questions, lots of questions.



Co-Created by All Things Considered Theatre, Time Matters UK and The Unity Theatre.

Made in association with Time Matters UK and all of the children and young people who shared their stories.

Curated and directed by Emma Bramley and Sarah Hogarth

With thanks to the young people who are supported by Out There and Families Outside