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Barely Visible

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Barely Visible

by Rowena Gander

Available to watch until the 31st July


Barely Visible is an empowering physical solo performance that brings focus to common issues that queer women face, including sexualisation, (fe)male gaze and what it really feels like to live in the shadows.

Incorporating the use of a 100-kilo vertical pole, acclaimed dance theatre artist, Rowena Gander, explores control and visibility in this moving and powerful semi-autobiographical performance.


How to Watch:

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Warnings and Access


Film contains explicit and sexual language

This film contains optional captioning.



“An unmissable piece of theatre” — Uncover Liverpool

“An impressive physical performance by performer Rowena Gander” – Writebase


Creative Team

Performed and created by Rowena Gander

Directed by Elinor Randle – acclaimed artistic director of Tmesis Theatre and Physical Fest

Original sound score by Noel Jones

Lighting design by Phil Saunders

Produced by Claire Bigley

This work is supported Arts Council England and by Unity Theatre as part of their Open Artist Callout.

Photography by Andrew Ness