Gaslit - Unity Theatre


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By Raven Radha

Available to watch until August 2023

Filmed live at Unity Theatre


Are we being GASLIT? 

Relive the premier of Rapper & Multidisciplinary Artist, Raven Radha’s innovative debut music project: GASLIT 

A combination of music, theatre, and visual art. 

Exploring narcissistic abuse on the micro and macro scale, this is a poetic semi-autobiographical journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  

Enter Raven’s sonic world of emotive Hip-Hop with old skool vibe, mixed with new skool twist sonics – produced by Manchester legend Chunky, and funded by Arts Council England through DYCP. 


How to Watch:

Gaslit will be available to watch on Unity Online until August 2023.

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About Raven Radha:

Raven Radha is a multidisciplinary artist with an international background. Born in India, she grew up traveling the world, shaped by a mystical and unconventional life. From poignant philosophical lyricism in her poetry and music to vulnerable exploration of emotions and pain, Raven’s work is powerful and thought-provoking.  

Since receiving DYCP funding from the Arts Council in 2021, Raven has focused on making high-vibe music. Since then, she’s; had two songs played on BBC Introducing “It’s the LVP” w/ Dayzy & “Lonely Hearts” w/ Cola Museum & Nikki Kand, and had two monologues published in the Hear Me Now: Audition Monologues for Actors of Colour book (Bloomsbury), supported US rapper Quelle Chris at 24 Kitchen Street, and performed with Oli Hudson’s new collective ODE as lead vocalist at the Manchester Jazz Festival and other venues. 

She is currently studying Filmmaking & Creative Technology at LIPA. 

Instagram account : Raven (@ravenradha) on Instagram