On The Road: City Centre

Watch Above: Creative Merseyside: Unity On The Road in the City Centre

The Unity Open Call 2021 was a huge success – with over 400 creatives and companies from across all of Liverpool applying to feature in our programme – but this year we set ourselves the challenge of meeting even more of you!

For Open Call 2022 we took the Unity Open Call on the road and out into the boroughs of Merseyside to speak with and shine a spotlight on the amazing creative people, organisations, venues and businesses across the whole region.

Throughout our six-week adventure we met with incredible people doing incredible things, using arts and culture to improve the lives of residents in their area. We saw how culture can regenerate a high-street and fill empty shop windows and how performing and creative arts can help individuals get back on their feet through training and education. We were blown away by the incredible work being done to support young people and how performing arts sessions and local venues can provide them with a safe and exciting space to be. Finally, we spoke honestly with those who, despite creating incredible creative projects, still lack the confidence to call themselves an artists.

There is absolutely doubt that Merseyside is packed full of creatives, nor should it be questioned just how important arts and culture is to improving the lives of those who reside in Merseyside. We thank those who took the time to chat with us and share our Open Call opportunity. We’re delighted to say that this year we had applicants from across all 6 boroughs.

Please enjoy our six-parts series of our time On The Road.


On The Road: City Centre

Our second Open Call: On The Road film is here and this time we’re focusing on Liverpool City Centre. We spoke with the brilliant teams at Strawberry Field and The Florrie to find out more about the work they are doing to support local people creatively. We also paid a visit to other cultural landmarks across the city, so let us know who you spot!


Watch the full series on our YouTube channel.