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What Now?

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Created in September 2020 during pandemic closure to mark Unity’s 40th Anniversary


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In September 2020, in an empty auditorium, Unity spoke with fifteen Liverpool-based creatives about freelancing in a pandemic, the future of the arts industry, making work in a post-pandemic world, and what the word unity means to them.

The artists featured, like the many we work alongside each year, reflect the breadth of creativity, character and talent of both the city and it’s people. These artists are distinct in what they offer, both through the work they create and the ideas they communicate.

As we collectively continue to navigate a pandemic that has left some in the creative industries without adequate support, together we will continue to push forward, creating a future that is fair, accessible, representative and supportive of artists, audiences and communities alike.

This small interview series, commissioned to mark Unity’s 40th anniversary, is a physical affirmation of our wholehearted commitment to creative people.