Working Class Dinner Party 2017 Preview

Watch Above: Working Class Dinner Party 2017 Preview

You are invited to dinner with Scottee & Friends to talk about the C word …class!


Scottee grew up and lived in social housing for 31 of the 33 years he has been alive. His dad is a roofer, his mum works for the council, Scottee now works in the arts and so middle class people keep telling him he can’t be working class anymore.


Ahead of Scottee’s performance at Unity with hit show Class, Scottee & Friends are hosting a series of dinner parties that explore the working-class experience.


Join Scottee & Friends to explore what it means to grow up on a council estate, who creates the definitions of working-class identity and why learning how to be posh in an art world gets you places. Whilst invited guests chew down into social politics you are encouraged to join the conversation and ask questions – but you can also sit on your hands and do nothing.


Part show, part discussion and at some point, a takeaway will arrive to feed us all – a dinner party that Nigella would wince at. We’ll talk for a bit, ask questions and then we’ll eat!



Working Class Dinner Party comes to Unity on Thu 6th October. Book your seat at the table here.