You Are My Sunshine - Unity Theatre

You Are My Sunshine

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By Izzy Campbell

Available to watch until August 2023

Filmed live at Unity Theatre


Stable state but an unstable mind. Can I control my life, or will my family do it for me?

Emily is at the point in her life where she is destined for change. However, due to her challenging past, her brother David believes he still knows what is best for her. You Are My Sunshine is a story with a lot of heart, told through difficult conversations. This brand-new play deals with what is means to be a young carer, the highs and lows of a young person’s experience within the world of modern psychiatric medication, the complexities of family and the resilience of the human spirit.


How to Watch:

You Are My Sunshine will be available to watch on Unity Online until August 2023.

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About Izzy:

Izzy Campbell is an Actor, Singer and Writer from Liverpool. She trained in Theatre at University if Salford, has been involved with various Liverpool and Manchester based theatre and production companies since a young age and in particular has worked closely with 20 Stories High, being part of their short film series: ‘TOUCHY.’ As an independent artist, Izzy is inspired to make theatre for positive change, creating work that platforms those who are underrepresented and give artists opportunities to collaborate together. When she is not acting, she is exercising her love for music by collaborating with various producers and artists.

Instagram account : Izzy Campbell (@izzy.c__) on Instagram