A Wake - Unity Theatre

A Wake

Saturday 20th April


Unity 2

Part of the Liverpool Improvisation Festival 2024


Have you ever thought about your funeral? How will you be remembered? Who will turn up and what will they say? 

The Insiders 2.0 stages a fully improvised funeral wake based on the obituary provided by a member of the audience. Set in a pub, friends and family gather to share memories over a pint and a sandwich. A celebration of life and those that loved you A Wake presents how others remember us after our death and provides a reminder of our own mortality.

This is a show where we shine a light on life, how we live it and who remembers what. 


Performed by: 

Steve Wallis, Su Jackson, Di Janis, John Bennett, Stephen Longstaffe and Chrissi McCarthy.


Conceived and directed by: Mark Smith


Website:   www.wingimpro.com

Twitter / X – @wingimpro
​Instagram – @wing_it_impro 


This show is part of the second instalment of the Liverpool Improv Festival. To find out more and book Full Day / Weekend Access please visit here.