Beyond the Frame - Unity Theatre

Beyond the Frame

Friday 14th October

Part of Up Next Weekender

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and wondered, ‘is that really me?’ The places that lie between human concepts such as health and illness, fear and hope, female and male, imagination and reality, are all soft places that blur and shift beyond strict definitions. Prepare to be taken on a journey through these soft places, exploring the external and internal identities that cling to us and how we use them to navigate and interact with the world around us. What will you experience when you tumble down the rabbit hole and explore Beyond the Frame?


About Benjamina:

Benjamina Albanese is a writer and creative attempting to live zero-waste (or as close to as possible) in Merseyside. As a queer woman with migrant grandparents and a chronic illness, she has a strong interest in societal support and inclusion of marginalised groups, as well as the environment and sustainability. Drawing on a fascination of how histories are transmitted via story forms such as mythology and folklore, she enjoys exploring different mediums of storytelling and is particularly interested in how these mediums overlap and can be interwoven to create engaging and accessible forms of communication.



About Up Next:

This show is part of Up Next, our weekend festival series showcasing exciting new work from Merseyside performers. October’s Up Next Weekender features a line-up of six incredible artists premiering brand-new performances. You can book each show individually for just £8, or buy a limited-edition Festival Pass for just £25, giving you access to all events that weekend. To book a festival pass and see the full line up, click here.