Body - Unity Theatre


Saturday 15th October

Part of Up Next Weekender




With the advent of social networks, we exposed ourselves so much that we fell into a trap we have created. What is true in what we show? Why do many of us need to “LOOK PERFECT”?

We are constantly under judgment.

What do people expect from a woman at the threshold of her 30? A career, a marriage, a child. What is the precise order? Can you decide on just one of these things? Can we have all three?

Where can we buy a biological clock?

Body  is an interactive performance developed using element of dance, theatre and digital technology, a small journey of a 30 years old woman’s mind.


About Arianna:


Arianna Sansone is a dance artist with a background in theatrical performing arts that range from ballet to contemporary dance. Her personal language of movement uses improvisation as a method to develop and stimulate creativity. One of her main interests is the human body, its natural movement and its innumerable facets. She believes in a concept of performance that gives space to the power of the body in all its forms, a concept of dance free from aesthetic canons and that follows the natural bodily impulses. In her performance, she likes to combine dance with the use of digital technology to create new forms of communication and transport the audience in her creative space.

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About Up Next:

This show is part of Up Next, our weekend festival series showcasing exciting new work from Merseyside performers. October’s Up Next Weekender features a line-up of six incredible artists premiering brand-new performances. You can book each show individually for just £8, or buy a limited-edition Festival Pass for just £25, giving you access to all events that weekend. To book a festival pass and see the full line up, click here.