Darling, Leave The Light On - Unity Theatre

Darling, Leave The Light On

Friday 14th October

Part of Up Next Weekender

Nan: a 79 year old woman, living alone, identifies as a Memory.

Until Darling, her grandchild, home from University, reintroduces Nan to her old friends: Colours. Colours of Sunday; of toothache; quiet; of first light after childbirth. In these moments, Nan lives, aware again of the something before this total + chronic present.

Darling does with this what they do best. They paint. Painting Nan’s reliving in the colour palette of her past, the pair rebuild Nan’s home as a gallery towards the Worlds-That-Were.

Using drama and poetry, “Darling, Leave The Light On…” explores the lived experience of a memory; synesthesia; autism; intergenerational care; + when the lights go out, what it means to have only one’s history for company.


About Frankie

frankie blaus is an enby/nd/queer/wc writer + performer working in theatre + poetry. they do not trust the word “and”. curiosity-oriented, frankie is drawn to the Weird + Wonder-full; seeking to remind the world of its innate Weird-ness. earlier this year their debut short film, CASTING GODOT, debuted in HOME’s cinema as part of PUSH Festival; their verse-drama A FUNERAL OF PLUMES + LIGHTS – a radical reimagining of Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott as a trans-nb person in search of joy, will release on BBC Radio 6 Music on the 2nd of May.


About Up Next

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