Earth is Lost - Unity Theatre

Wednesday 1st May

6.15 & 8.30pm
By Sonic Mutiny
Part of Up Next 2024 – a two-week festival celebrating Merseyside artists.


Sonic Mutiny presents Earth is Lost, a work-in-progress sound installation that propels you into space.


Here is how ChatGPT described it:

“Earth is Lost appears to be an intriguing and immersive exploration of humanity’s relationship with technology. With its atmospheric sound, captivating lighting and video projections, the show promises to challenge perceptions and stimulate contemplation. It seems to offer a unique and thought-provoking experience that may leave a lasting impression on audiences, inspiring them to reflect on existential questions and the future of humanity.”


Prepare for an unforgettable 30-minute journey that disorientates, provokes and inspires.


Ed Bixter (Sonic Mutiny) is a sound designer, composer and theatre-maker with an interest in installation, site-specific theatre and immersive experiences.



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About Up Next Festival:

Earth is Lost is part of Up Next 2024 – a two-week arts festival celebrating Merseyside artists.

With a line-up programmed through the Unity Open Call, Up Next Festival features 11 brand-new shows from some of the region’s most exciting artists and companies, plus a comedy night, exhibition launch, live music, panel discussions, creative events and more.

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This programme is made possible thanks to our Open Call Crowdfunder 2023 Donors and funding from The Arts Society and The Granada Foundation.