Expressive Ensemble with Eli Randle: Creative’Pool Summer Workshops

Tuesday 2nd July

18:00 – 20:00


Join Tmesis Theatre and Unity Artistic Director in a playful workshop exploring and opening the expressive potential of the body through play, connection and movement. We will explore, creating physical sequences, physical devising methods and working as an embodied ensemble to explore ideas, emotion, character or story.


This workshop is part of The Creative’Pool Summer Workshop series, curated by new Artistic Director, Eli Randle.


Schedule of workshops:

  • Tue 4 June, 18:00-20:00: Playfulness and Improvisation with Simone Tani (Teatro Pomodoro)
  • Mon 10 June, 18:00-20:00: Permission Slip with Dora Colquhoun
  • Mon 17 June, 18:00-20:00: An Introduction to Clowning with Ugly Bucket
  • Tue 2 July, 18:00-20:00: Expressive Ensemble with Eli Randle
  • Mon 8 July, 18:00-20:00: Using Lived Experience within your creative practice with Helen Jeffery