Questionable Behaviour - Unity Theatre

Questionable Behaviour

Saturday 20th April



Part of the Liverpool Improvisation Festival 2024


Derek’s MoJo presents Questionable Behaviour. A follies’ folly of exploded truths, twisted tropes, taboos and other unmentionables. Get ready for a fun, fast, feminist farce. Starring Comedy Store Players regular Monica Gaga with stage and screen veteran Jodyanne FR.

A fun, fast, feminist twoprov – join Mo and Jo on their latest adventure as they struggle to maintain a friendship in a world made surreal by their intervention. A long form narrative interspersed with smaller plays within the play and short form games sprinkled throughout like Easter eggs for the audience to spot – did you see them all?


Performed by: Monica Gaga + Jodyanne FR






Show trailer:


This show is part of the second instalment of the Liverpool Improv Festival. To find out more and book Full Day / Weekend Access please visit here.