GASLIT - Unity Theatre

Saturday 21st January

Unity 1
Part of the Unity Open Call Programme

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Are we being GASLIT?

Join us for the launch of poet and rapper Raven’s innovative new debut music project.

Join Raven, supported by exceptional live violinist Jack Mitchell, on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment through eloquent, deep thought-provoking lyricism and vulnerability.

Enter Raven’s sonic world –  produced by Manchester underground legend CHUNKY and funded by Arts Council England– as she is accompanied by striking psychedelic visuals (created at LIPA) including dancers, nature and fire. With smoke, mirrors, spiritual and healing concepts – this is H.I.P. H.O.P. (Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People).


About Raven:


Raven Radha is a multidisciplinary artist with an international background. Born in India, she grew up travelling the world, shaped by a mystical and unconventional life. From poignant philosophical lyricism in her poetry and music, to vulnerable exploration of emotions and pain, Raven’s work is powerful and thought-provoking.

Since moving to Liverpool in 2011, she’s been honing her craft as a performer, poet, rapper, writer, director, producer & filmmaker; with 20 Stories High Theatre Company, Everyman & Playhouse, RTYDS, Roots & Routes (Germany), Pro Progressione (Hungary), Random Acts: First Acts, Culture Liverpool & Arts Council England. Now bringing all her disciplines together, to launch her debut music project: GASLIT.

In the meantime check out her song with Dayzy “It’s the LVP” out now on all streaming platforms, created for Culture Liverpool’s Campaign “Culture’s Club”.



Written & Performed by Raven Radha @ravenradha

Music produced by Chunky @mcrchunky

Directed by Paislie Reid @paislie_

Music Developed with DYCP funding from ACE & Support from 20 Stories High LAUNCH Programme.

Full Credits Coming Soon…