Liver Bards Showcase ‘Here!’ - Unity Theatre

Liver Bards Showcase ‘Here!’

Friday 21st January

Unity One


Join us for an eclectic and talented mix of Merseyside’s poets and performers as the popular Liver Bards poetry event spreads its wings and brings you ‘Here!’ at Unity.


Thoughts will fly, emotions will be explored and drums will take you places you may never have been before.


The event is hosted by Liver Bards compere Ali Harwood with fellow poet Victoria Ekpo. They will be performing alongside some of Merseyside’s finest wordsmiths including Seema Datta, David Emmanuel, Sonic Duo, Bisakha Sarker, Flloyd Kennedy, Idy Akpan, Olivia Henry, Al Peters, Phil Windever, Andy Kenwright, Lyndon Ship, Colin Watts and Tom George.


Join us for a poetic journey of words and wonder.


Liver Bards is a time and place for poets and those that like to be around them to get together, share their truths and listen to others speak theirs.


Expect the unexpected.


Ticketing is Pay What You Decide: £0, £3, £5, £8, £10