Mary Pearson: FoMO, MOFOs!

Mary Pearson: FoMO, MOFOs!

Wed 08 March 2017

Spring 2017 | LEAP Festival 2017

Enter here and now.
A woman, and a mystery: What happened? How did we get here?
How do we get down from here?

Flashing back through another time, another place, a woman is lost in a digital age state of being. All eyes gaze upon her, their insatiable desire is to invade and capture her privacy. FoMO, MOFOs! (Fear of Missing Out, Motherf***ers!) is a kaleidoscopic meditation passing through the films Blow-Up and Mullholland Drive and the songs of Robert Wyatt, Kraftwerk and John Lennon; a modern myth, cautionary tale, and cinematic visual feast. At times sinister, at times achingly vulnerable, and laced with deliciously surreal comedy, this solo performance is hard to pin down and hard to forget.
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Mary Pearson


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show details

Dates: Wed 8 Mar
Times: 7:30pm
Running time: TBC
Prices: £12 (£10 Conc.)
Charges: 50p card transaction | £1 postage

Venue: Make Liverpool, 37 Regent Street

Please note: If you select to collect tickets from Box Office, they will be available to collect from the show venue, Make Liverpool from one hour before the show. Please have a copy of your confirmation code with you.

For out of hours Box Office enquiries
or to contact the LEAP team at the venue please call 07572 832 886

Make Liverpool

37 Regent St, Liverpool L3, UK