Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Tue 20 November 2018

DaDafest 2018 | Theatre

Having kids is not an easy decision: Can I afford it?  Will I screw it up?

Now imagine making these decisions if you have a learning disability.  Woah - wait a minute... learning-disabled parents?  Erm, can they do that? Do they even have sex?

Yes, yes 'they' do.

Fast moving, raw and eye-opening, Mia explores the truths and myths about learning disability and parenthood in today's society.  Think pop culture with popcorn, science with silliness, stories with statisitcs.  Mia chaleenges the often taken for granted idea of 'being a parent'.

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Dates: Tue 20 Nov
Times: 7:30pm
Running time: TBC
Prices: £12.50 (£10.50 Conc.)
Charges:  £1.50 postage

Venue: Unity One

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