More Than Blood - Unity Theatre

Saturday 29th January


Performed live at Unity

By Marjorie Morgan

Part of Unity’s Open Call


More Than Blood is a pilgrimage and exploration of grief, home, and families. Follow Jenny and Paul as they isolate and expose themselves, each other, and strangers to their emotional awakenings and self-discovery.


Is there such a thing as an ordinary day when you are making a family? Will they face their fears in unity or will they crack under the pressure of their own separate expectations? How far will they go to fit into the dream roles that don’t fall naturally into their lives? What are they willing to break to make something new and special?


Written by Marjorie Morgan

Directed by Soulla Tantouri-Eriksen

Featuring Shannon V Power


Watch Online

This performance will also be available to watch online approximately four weeks after the live performance. You will be able to book your Pay What You Can ticket for an online viewing following the live event.


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