Over the Garden Wall - Unity Theatre

Over the Garden Wall

Monday 20th — Sunday 26th September

Online Experience
Presented by Katy-Anne Bellis
Available On Demand from Mon 20th – Sunday 26th September
Part of Unity’s Open Call

Over The Garden Wall is a heart-warming shadow puppet show inspired by stories from Liverpool neighbours and a celebration of the communities they live in.  

The online show uses projection mapped shadows onto a washing line of laundry, with an original soundtrack created through workshops and interviews collected in the local community.  

Created by local puppeteer Katy-Anne Bellis in collaboration with Focal Studios, the show is a witty, poignant and playful insight into how residents come together in their daily lives and how they have experienced both isolation and connection. 

This event is supported by Metal Liverpool.



Created and performed: Katy-Anne Bellis 

Animations and music: Collen Chandler 

Projection mapping:   Dennis Outten, Focal Studios 

Supported by: Metal Liverpool,  Edge Hill Train Station and Unity Theatre 

Special Thanks to Jenny Porter, Chris Jenkins, Emma Hirons, Residents of Webster’s Triangle, Residents of the Welsh Streets, Jackie Swanson, Squash Nutrition Community Growers, Beccy Hillam, Unity Theatre 


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