Physical Fest: DIVE - Unity Theatre

Physical Fest: DIVE

Friday 25th — Saturday 26th June

Unity One
Part of Physical Fest 2021


Physical Fest present DIVE – a night of new physical work. 4 extracts of work – 1 night!

Find out more about the four companies featured in DIVE below.


Rewind by Ephemeral Ensemble

Deep down under this earth we walk on are unheard voices. Echoes from the past. Through analyses of injuries to bones, science led a revolution in how human rights were investigated. On this visual journey we unearth some of the stories of people who dared to resist.

Ephemeral are an immigrant led physical theatre ensemble who make work that shines a light on current hidden social issues.

“Physical Theatre at its finest” Everything Theatre. ★★★★★

Find out more about the company here


Unbroken by Facing North Theatre
Conceived & Performed by Lane Paul Stewart

“I’m leading a double life, a simple, honest warehouse worker by day, by night a dynamic tsar of the underworld, Mother.” Unbroken seeks to explore what is it to feel restrained, to contain every impulse of pleasure and to tether the need for adventure.

As a theatre maker Lane Paul Stewart, a graduate of RADA’s MA Theatre Lab, seeks to interrogate the relationship between narrative and abstract form creating a theatre of playful critique.


Barely Visible by Rowena Gander

Barely Visible is a work in process that grapples with the complicated terrain of female queerness by asking what will happen if gay women continue to live in the shadows.

Rowena Gander is an international performance artist who creates physical works that question and negotiate themes of sexuality, power and objectification in women.

Find out more about Rowena here


The Secret of Cerise by Tipsy Cow Productions

They’re red, they’re hot, and they’re on the run. The Secret of Cerise is a hilarious take on the classic film noir genre, an energetic physical comedy about love and murder.

Tipsy Cow Productions is a female led physical comedy company who would describe themselves as professionally ridiculous. They combine crazy characters, with ridiculous situations to create chaotic and hilarious productions.